Rich Bitting


Water Music

by Rich Bitting

Released 2016
Released 2016
A public bathroom and a frozen stream; two vastly different soundscapes that evoke the ambience of two different sound worlds.
Of all the rooms in public spaces, bathrooms are usually the most visually boring. Many are ceramic tiled spaces designed for utility not ambience. If one happened by chance to enter a public bathroom with eyes closed (i.e. ignoring the visual cues), one would discover an acoustically live and quite interesting ambience.
Water Music was created as a contribution to Aural Latrinalia: The Bathroom Project. Curated by the Cincinnati, Ohio untethered curatorial collective, NEAR*BY. This six site exhibition involved pairing artists working in new media with Cincinnati arts organizations by engaging unconventional semi-public/semi-private spaces.
Water Music was installed in the bathrooms at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, from September to November 2016. This audio work uses samples recorded in that space, in effect taking audio weeds and transmuting them into sonic vegetables. This is the soundtrack of that work.
Frozen Stream - Waggoner Run is based on a field recording of Waggoner Run in the Edge of Appalachia Preserve in Adams County, Ohio recorded in January of 2003. The gurgling ambience of a small ice covered stream with birds bathing and drinking in an open patch of water provide the continuo for this work.