Rich Bitting


Milkweed Nebula

by Rich Bitting

Released 2019
Released 2019
A quiet ambient soundscape-based composition.
A photograph of a milkweed pod in an early Spring snowstorm initiated the music for Milkweed Nebula. At first glance, it looks more like an image of the cosmos than a milkweed pod covered in melting snow. It’s a compelling image for me. I imagined how a movie score would sound if I were composing it for a movie based on this image? I decided to find out by producing this ambient work.

I began by recording the milkweed stalks in the wind with a contact microphone. This field recording became a kind of cantus firmus for this work. I composed an ambient work to correspond with this imagined soundscape.

Winter Meadow, the companion piece in this album, is based on a field recording of winter meadow grasses in the wind. The synthesized accompaniment for this piece was composed to evoke the cold gray-brown texture of a winter meadow.