Rich Bitting



by Rich Bitting

Released 2015
Released 2015
This is a collection of composed ambient and electronic soundscape music.
Much of my work has it's beginnings as field recordings. I use the natural soundscape as a seed for my music using digital audio processing to shape it.


This piece is based on field recordings that I collected near the town of Confluence, Pennsylvania in 2008. I was fascinated with the local soundscape; with its natural as well as man-made sounds. Fast flowing rivers and streams, bird songs, environmental sounds and an active train line being some prominent features.

The town of Confluence was so named because it is situated at the confluence of the Casselman River, Laurel Hill Creek and the Youghiogheny River. For me, the name evokes the confluence of natural with urban soundscapes - nature vs civilization.

The visual artwork created for this composition was exhibited at Lily Mulberry's 1305 Gallery in Cincinnati, OH in 2009.

"Advesha and Amoha"

Advesha and Amoha are Buddhist terms for the concepts of Non-Hatred and Non-Delusion. This work was composed as an component to the visual art that I created for the 2012 art exhibit Seven Deadly Sins at Collector’s Art Group in Cincinnati, OH.

The two ambient movements were composed for chamber orchestra.

"An Evening at the Museum"

This work began life as the soundtrack to my visual work "Two Art Patrons Threatened by a Nightingale." I modeled this on one of my favorite Max Ernst works, "Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale." The audio work is based on a sample of a nightingale song, greatly changed in duration and compositionally altered.

In preparation for this audio collection, I decided to remix "Two Art Patrons Threatened by a Nightingale." During this process, I added a percussion track to play against the ambient textures of the Nightingale piece. While auditioning one of the mixes, I was reminded of a past museum exhibition where the opening reception featured a DJ playing hip-hop on top of my ambient sound installation. In retrospect, I think it works quite well as a composition.